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4th Grade Clay Map Projects
Posted on 10/23/2018
This is the image for the news article titled 4th Grade Clay Map ProjectsThe Clay Maps are maps of Washington State.  Students have carefully marked the largest rivers, the Puget Sound, and lots of other natural features.  These clay maps turn out very well.  Students carefully cut out the map's shape, then using engraving tools; they carve rivers, and landmarks into the soft, brown clay.  The maps are then set aside for two weeks and then put into the kiln for cooking.  After they are done cooking in the kiln, students then finish the maps up by glazing them with colored glaze.  The rivers and Puget Sounds are mostly light or dark colored blue, and the mountains and volcanos were brown glaze.

Students learn a variety of skills while creating their Clay Map projects . . . social studies, drawing, working with a clay medium and identifying key features in their maps.

Thanks to many Griffin parents for participating in this project and helping their students create great works of art!