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The Grizzly Grill

What is Cookin' in the Grizzly Grill?
Posted on 01/11/2019
This is the image for the news article titled What is Cookin' in the Grizzly Grill?

Some of the items our Grizzly Grill staff are making in-house include grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, Navy Bean Soup and cheese quesadillas.  In the near future, our Macaroni and Cheese and bean burritos will be made in-house too.  The biggest advantage of making items in-house or from scratch is less additives and preservatives in the food.

In the coming months, we will be introducing new items that will be made in-house such as chili con carne with beans, cornbread, beef and bean tamale pie, taco soup and even volcanic meatloaf.  In addition, the Grizzly Grill will be collaborating with a local creamery, “The Flying Cow Creamery” to offer fresh yogurt.  Grass fed beef is also in the works, the Grizzly Grill is hoping to find a local farmer to work with to offer beef in some of the scratch made items.

Everyday students can choose to have the entree that was listed on the menu or they can choose a sunbutter and jam sandwich or a fresh made salad with protein.  Both of those items are made in-house also.  With the entrees, they are able to choose from hot vegetables or any fresh vegetables from the salad bar or both and a fruit or juice.

Griffin Kindergartners recently had the opportunity to visit the Grizzly Grill and make their own pizza.  Each Kindergartner was given ball of dough (made from scratch), sauce, cheese and pepperoni to make their own pizza creations.  Once baked, they enjoyed their own pizza creations for lunch.

The addition of the “Grab N Go” Breakfast has been a huge success.  Students can get breakfast every morning.